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[Marketing] 15 Useful Email Marketing Tools for Your Business

15 Useful Email Marketing Tools for Your Business

Right now, with stiff competition in the market, the need to adopt innovative, efficient and aggressive yet unintrusive strategies to promote a brand is more serious than before. Indeed it is advisable that you engage in active, continuous and calibrated marketing in any way possible if you don’t want to take any chances about your success or lack of it in business. One of the potent strategy being adopted by businesses now is email marketing.

Many marketing professionals ignore it, but a powerful direct email marketing tool used in a right way can do more for a business than most marketing managers have realized. Successful online businesses and experienced marketing strategists know it and they use this knowledge to stay on top of the competition. Although it relies on one of the most antiquated web technology, email marketing is still one of the most powerful way of reaching out to potential customers, generating leads and eventually converting them into sales.

On the other hand, because email marketing is highly effective, it is not only the people with genuine intentions who are using it, but those who are engaged in devious schemes as well. This means that delivering value and building trust before pitching is very important and that even getting emails to your subscribers can be hard. Software companies have realized that fact and so they come up with tools to help people run their email marketing campaigns with great success.

One thing worth noting here is that, a professional email direct marketing tool have rules in place to protect subscribers and therefore it earns their trust. This trust makes emails sent from their server pass most spam filters!

This article showcases some of the useful email marketing tools around and hopefully it will help you find the right tool based on your needs and personal preferences. We are inviting you to share your opinion, experience and observations about the email marketing tools and in email marketing in general.


AWeber is one of the largest players in the email direct marketing tool market. This is one of the best email direct marketing tools available to manage subscriber lists and send out professional and targeted newsletters. AWeber is a full suite with all the features needed to do effective marketing e-mail marketing. One of the things that is great about AWerber is the trust in the market making sure that your e-mail are actually delivered. Of course AWeber have to enforce some rules to make sure mail filter protecting mail accounts don’t start treating AWeber customers as spammers and hackers. This is important as it keeps the bad company away .

You can set up as many campaigns as you like and send as many emails as you want. Once you have a campaign you need subscribers. If you’re migrating you can import existing subscribers but remember that they will need to revalidate their subscription as AWeber (and all the other serious players) will not risk sending mails to anyone without their permission. With the Form Generator you can create Subscribe Forms from various templates and color themes. You will be able to send subscribers to any page of your site. This form can be easily integrated into your website or blog.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi offers good basic email tools that most experienced campaigners desire like auto responders, RSS tools, Google integration and easy list importing while still offering a creation tool that anyone can figure out how to use. Using Mad Mimi you can have an attractive email created with images, colored backgrounds, links and opt-out options within minutes and you can track your email campaign really easy. You can even test drive Mad Mini for free as long as you have under 100 subscriptions for!


This is one of the most budget-friendly email marketing services and still one of the best overall services on the market. Benchmark provides a great email marketing solution. Besides basic features Benchmark integrates with Google Analytics, support video mail, and provide email surveys. Pricing plans are based on a monthly/subscriber model.


iContact is also a large commercial player and offers a feature rich suite. You can create and manage an unlimited number of lists and use mail-merge to send personalized HTML or text email newsletters. The list of features are long but here is some of the most important: Message Scheduling, Open and Clickthrough Tracking, Bounce-back Handling, Subscription Management, Easy to Use WYSIWYG Email Editor, Over 300 Templates Included. Get 30 days of free email and social media marketing for its free trial. No credit card required, no strings attached. Pricing plans are based on a monthly/subscriber model.

Elite Email

Elite Email lets you create emails, send them and track their results. With over 200+ templates to choose from, you are sure to find the professional design that meets your needs. Newsletters, promotions, coupons, postcards, and more. It has a great result tracking features that you can use to monitor how your mailing list size is changing as new people subscribe and existing contacts unsubscribe with an easy to read report that classifies your contacts by category. Also it can track people clicking links on your email so you will know exactly who is clicking, when, and where they are going.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp provides a bright and welcoming interface with a smiling cartoon chimp as their mascot. Mail Chimp lets your build and Manage Your Email List, Design HTML Email Campaigns, Send Emails with Confidence and Email Tracking and Analytics.

Constant Contact email direct marketing tool

Constant Contact email direct marketing tool is one of the large and popular services. The feature set is among the best and but at the same time it is not the cheapest tool available. This tool have more than 400 email templates that you can enrich with your logo, colors, and photos. You can see who’s reading your emails and clicking on your links in real time. You can get a 60 day trail. Pricing plans are based on a monthly/subscriber model.

Interspire Email Marketer

Email Marketer is an all-in-one top quality email direct marketing tool includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing. This tool also offer full WYSIWYG campaign editing. Interspire Email Marketer includes over 35 email templates. You can follow up with prospects automatically using autoresponders. Automate your list management with triggers. Automatically convert leads to opportunities when they open a specific email. Email Marketer is purchased as a one time license and price level is for serious users only. The customer base includes serious companies like Xerox, Vodaphone, Virgin etc.

Pinpointe email direct marketing tool

The Pinpointe email direct marketing tool is a bit different than the rest. The software focus on business to business (B2B) marketing. Their email creator can help you create gorgeous full HTML emails quickly and it can send them as HTML or text type files to accommodate everyone on your lists. The WYSIWYG editor is powerful and easy to use for creating messages. It works with Google Analytics and have great reporting and sorting options. The tool support Behavioral Targeting.

Vertical Response

Vertical Response is a good email direct marketing tool and offers a free “test drive” so you can try it before you buy it. Vertical Response has a user-friendly Dashboard where you can see all the options that are available to create your email campaign. You have four options for creating messages Wizard, Canvas, Freeform HTML and text. This tool offers Google Analytics integration.

Campaign Monitor

Design great looking emails using your own tools, or create templates and let your clients log in and build their own. This tool handle signups, unsubscribes and bounces automatically. Easily create targeted segments of subscribers. You can track your email related conversions and sales. White-label and re-brandable, you set the price your clients pay and we’ll send through your profit each month. Campaign Monitor don’t charge signup or monthly fees, you only pay when you or your clients send to more than 5 people. The tools provides 300+ inspiring email designs


Campaigner has many features and options to help you create, send and track your bulk emails. Campaigner includes about 500+ templates to choose from but you can upload your own coded design into the program. The WYSIWYG editor is good and simple to use. Pricing plans are based on a monthly/subscriber model.

Comm100 Newsletter

Comm100 Newsletter a free email direct marketing tool and newsletter solution. It is delivered as a SaaS application and hosted by Comm100. You have unlimited mailing lists and contacts and can send a large number of emails every day for free. You get a easy-to-use WYSIWYG Email editor and a few ready to use templates.


dotMailer comes in a choice of four packages, each with differing levels of features, support and pricing. It has a drag and drop template editing system where you can layout, design, redesign, and customize your own email templates with absolutely no HTML coding or web design skills. Also it comes with complete split testing kit that you can apply to different email campaign metrics to assess which system in effective for your business.


The Bronto Marketing Platform gives retailers the ability to orchestrate campaigns across email, mobile, and social channels. With the most advanced marketing automation built for driving commerce, Bronto brings together intelligent segmentation, targeting, and dynamic messaging for the ultimate in relevance. And because you can adjust or fine tune strategies and tactics based on insights gained through a comprehensive analytics engine, your marketing gets smarter and more engaging.


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