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[Progress-QAD] Basic steps to dump/load Progress Database

Basic steps to dump/load Progress Database

  1. Backup existing database (probkup)
  2. Backup existing .st file (copy)
  3. Create new .st file from existing DB (prostrct list DatabaseName)
  4. Update database path in newly created .st file
  5. Create new DB (prostrct create DBName DBName.st)
  6. Copy empty database into new DB ( procopy /dr01/dlc102b/empty4 DBName)
  7. Dump .df and .d from old DB (pro)
  8. Load .df .d (pro)
  9. Delete old DB (prodel oldDBName)
  10. Copy new DB back into old DB’s directory (procopy);
  11. Run 36.16.17 Sequence Init to update DB sequence

If you have any queries, feel free contact me at vinhnlq [at] gmail.com
Have fun! 😀


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