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[QAD – MRG/PRO] QAD Cloud on Demand

Pls more informations about QAD Cloud on Demand https://iambaprang.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/qad-qad-cloud-on-demand-and-benefits-erp/

About QAD on Demand?

Full-Strength Web ERP for Manufacturing

QAD On Demand is the industry’s only full-strength enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in the cloud, created exclusively for manufacturing companies, like yours. Whether you’re a growing start-up or an established global brand, with QAD On Demand web-based ERP software you can harness all of the power of QAD Enterprise Applications.

QAD On Demand web ERP lets you focus on your business, not your software. As a manufacturer, you need to focus on meeting demand. Let QAD focus on keeping your business running … on demand!

You Focus on Your Business, We’ll Focus on IT

  • Application Support
  • Server Hardware
  • Systems Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Applications Administration
  • Upgrade Planning
  • First-line User Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Usage & Analysis Reporting

Why QAD on Demand?

Cloud ERP Software Exclusively for Global Manufacturing

Today, many companies promote delivering ERP on demand. Yet, QAD On Demand is the only cloud ERP software solution focused exclusively on global manufacturing needs. We alleviate your IT burden, risk and the variables associated with on premise deployments. You experience peace of mind with predictable costs, reliable system availability and regular software upgrades and maintenance with our cloud based ERP.

Experience the Power of QAD On Demand

  • Flexible Deployments
  • Globally Accessible
  • Rapidly Implemented
  • From 10 – 5000 Users
  • Fixed, Predictable Pricing
  • Always Available > 99.5%
  • Latest Software Release
  • No Capital Investment
  • Alleviates IT Burden

Evaluate QAD on Demand

Evaluate Which ERP Deployment Path and Implementation Solution is Right for You

Whether you’re a current or new QAD customer, moving to QAD On Demand is as easy as Connect. Deploy. Enjoy! We use a proven, streamlined ERP deployment methodology called Easy On Boarding to quickly convert data from your old system, configure your business processes and bring your users ‘On Board’ with little disruption to your business that results in a successful ERP implementation.

QAD On Demand

  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Accessible
  • Low Risk
  • Cost Effective

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