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QAD Ent Application

QAD ERP Enterprise Applications – QAD ERP Solutions

QAD Enterprise Applications

QAD Solutions
QAD’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used by over 6,000 manufacturing companies in more than 90 countries and 2,000,000 people. QAD serves six primary industries: life sciences, high tech, industrial equipment, automotive, food and beverage and consumer products.

QAD offers flexible deployment options:

  • ERP in the Cloud get the convenience, flexibility and scalability – along with substantial savings on hardware and IT resource costs.
  • ERP Software on-site take advantage of internal resources to manage your ERP application in-house.
  • ERP Mobile run your ERP on iPad, iPhone or Android phones.

QAD solutions cover the following areas:

  • QAD Manufacturing to reduce cost and increase throughput with the latest manufacturing scheduling techniques.
  • QAD Financials to increase fiscal control and compliance with government mandates for regional and multi-national corporations.
  • QAD Supply Chain to improve the management of supply and suppliers through real-time collaboration.
  • QAD Customer Management to improve responsiveness through better collaboration and management of customers and demand from pre to post-sale.
  • QAD Analytics to help companies measure business performance in key areas.
  • QAD Open Technology to simplify the transfer of data between QAD products and other external systems

In today’s economy manufacturers of all kinds must be ready to respond to changes in market forces, customer demand, and government regulations. QAD’s technology enables quick and effective responses to the internal and external forces that impact their businesses. QAD solutions connect our manufacturing software to the Web, providing direct collaboration between our clients and their customers and suppliers.

If you have any queries about QAD, please feel free contact us anytime
Website: http://www.thinknext.vn
Page: http://www.thinknext.vn/service/qad_enterprise_applications
Forum: http://www.thinknext.vn/diendan/

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