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QAD ERP Enterprise Application

QAD EDI eCommerce

QAD EDI eCommerce provides a streamlined method for managing EDI integration through a standard neutral interface to bring transactions in and out of QAD Enterprise Applications. QAD EDI eCommerce simplifies implementing EDI, and works with QAD Managed EDI or other EDI translators.

QAD EDI eCommerce combined with QAD Managed EDI provides a complete end-to-end solution that is fully integrated with QAD Enterprise Applications. QAD Managed EDI is a B2B translation and communication service that provides mapping, security and trading partner management services for information exchange. Together, these solutions support the exchange of business documents through almost any EDI, Internet or file-based message format.

QAD EDI eCommerce builds tighter integration between you and your trading partners, streamlines communications, eliminates errors, speeds up order fulfillment and other business processes, keeps you compliant with your customer’s EDI requirements while keeping your technology costs low.

The Value of QAD EDI eCommerce

The primary value you will receive from QAD EDI eCommerce will be tighter integration with your trading partners. You will be able to respond more quickly to changes in your supply chain, and better achieve your targets for key customer service and fulfillment metrics. You will get a greater return on the assets deployed in your QAD EDI eCommerce and
fulfillment processes.

  • Reduces EDI cost
  • Speeds up integration of new trading partners
  • Simplifies upgrades to new versions of QAD Enterprise Applications
  • Increases inventory accuracy
  • Reduces order to delivery time
  • Improves cash flow

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