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QAD ERP Enterprise Application, QAD SE, QAD EE

QAD Explore Sessions

Presentation Link Materials
QAD Strategic Update — Karl Lopker N/A
QAD Focus on the Effective Enterprise — Gordon Fleming N/A
Your Path to the Effective Enterprise — Anton Chilton N/A
Principals for the Future of Manufacturing — Pamela Lopker N/A
Breakout IA – Why Upgrade? PPT
Breakout IB – Manufacturing Update PPT
Breakout IC – Enterprise Financials: The Right Fit PPT
Breakout ID – Analytics: Right Data, Right Time PPT
Breakout IIA – The Upgrade Project PPT
Breakout IIB – BPM: Let Process Be Your Guide PPT
Breakout IIC – Quality Management Across Industries PPT
Breakout IID – .NET UI: Tips and Tricks PPT
Making You Effective in Your Enterprise — Tony Winter N/A
Trends in the ERP Space — Nigel Montgomery (Gartner), Gordon Fleming N/A
Your Foundation for an Effective Enterprise — Karen Tegan Padir (Progress), Tony Winter, Gordon Fleming N/A
The Latest from QAD — Bill Keese N/A
Breakout IIIA — Tools & Tips for Upgrading PPT
Breakout IIIB — Demand Planning PPT
Breakout IIIC — Life Sciences ERP (recording not available) PPT
Breakout IIID — Reporting Framework Update PPT
Breakout IVA — Business Benefits of Enterprise Edition PPT
Breakout IVB — Supply Chain Planning PPT
Breakout IVC — Quality with ERP PPT
Breakout IVD — Operational Efficiency PPT
Breakout VA — Building a Business Case for the Cloud PPT
Breakout VB — Serialization: Track and Trace PPT A PPT B
Breakout VC — QAD TMS: Managing Compliance PPT
Breakout VD — Leveraging QAD’s Technology Ecosystem PPT
Breakout VIA — QAD Cloud ERP Conversion Process PPT
Breakout VIB — Trade Activity Management (recording not available) PPT
Breakout VIC — Enterprise Asset Management PPT
Breakout VID — EDI: Effective Collaboration PPT
Breakout VIIA — QAD Cloud ERP: Life After Migration PPT
Breakout VIIB — Auto: MMOG/LE Version 4 PPT
Breakout VIIC — Eagle Automated Data Collection PPT
Breakout VIID — Customer Management Update PPT

Ref: http://explore.qad.com/-/Sessions


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