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MFG/PRO QAD Session 2015

MFG/PRO QAD Session 2015 (MAY 3-6, 2015 WASHINGTON, DC)


When viewing general sessions, you can swap the video for slides in order to better view the content.

Presentation Links Materials
Cloud is a Strategic Choice — Carter Lloyds N/A
State of the Business — Karl Lopker N/A
Product Evolution — Bill Keese N/A
The Next Big Thing — Pam Lopker N/A
Breakout IA — Automotive Industry Kickoff PPT
Breakout IB — Life Sciences Industry Kickoff PPT
Breakout IC — Industrial & High Tech Industry Kickoff PPT
Breakout ID — Consumer and Food & Bev Industry Kickoff PPT
Breakout IIA — Supply Chain Risk Management PPT
Breakout IIB — Benefits of QAD QMS in Life Science PPT
Breakout IIC — Discover Where EAM Can Bring You PPT
Breakout IID — Implementing BPM: Steps to Success PPT
Getting to B4B — Todd Hewlin N/A
Your Goals, Our Focus — Carter Lloyds N/A
Manufacturing ERP Trends Panel — John Brandt, Tony Winter, and Carter Lloyds N/A
Path to the Cloud — Anton Chilton N/A
Life in the Cloud — Chris Hageman N/A
Breakout IIIA/B — The Challenge of the Lean Enterprise PPT
Breakout IIIC — QAD’s EE Internationalization Program PPT
Breakout IIID — QAD Tools for Upgrading to EE PPT
Breakout IVA — Effective Material Handling Techniques PPT
Breakout IVB — Insight Into Channel Islands PPT
Breakout IVC — The Benefits of Increasing Demand Visibility PPT
Breakout IVD — Trade Activity Management PPT
Breakout VA — Tracking and Product Genealogy PPT
Breakout VB — The Business Benefits of Cloud – Panel PPT
Breakout VC — Predicting Your Business Results PPT
Breakout VD — Adopting EE’s Package Upgrade Capability PPT
Breakout VIA — Improving Operational Efficiency PPT
Breakout VIB — Customer Management & Channel Islands PPT
Breakout VIC — FEI – Customer Tips for Upgrading PPT
Breakout VID — Using QAD’s Upgrade Decision Guide PPT
Breakout VIIA — QAD Automation Solutions Practice PPT
Breakout VIIB — QAD Cloud EDI PPT
Breakout VIIC — Noninvasive Customization Techniques PPT
Breakout VIID — Paths from On Premise to QAD Cloud ERP PPT​


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