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What is WiFi Marketing?

What is WiFi Marketing?

Related to Digital Marketing, you may hear a lot of term such as: SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Bluetooth Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Display Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blog, Facebook, Google, Twitter or Affiliate Marketing.

But I’m sure that you rarely or almost never heard the term WiFi Marketing, because WiFi Marketing is a new term, a new breakthrough solutions to the Digital Marketing industry of the world, which is found by Think Next Co., Ltd. (www.thinknextco.com)

There are many methods and tools for marketing and promotion from traditional to modern but there are still some limitations that can not be solved:

  • Small business has no effective, cheap, instantaneous of tool and method for promoting to consumers who is shopping or present in a certain area.
  • Marketing information can not be spread in community, from marketer to consumers and from consumer to consumer.
  • Customer receives many marketing information but they have no affective tool to manage these information.
  • Marketer has no tool that can give them statistic information about received number, viewed number and density in a geographic area.

Think Next Co., Ltd. (www.thinknextco.com) provides WiFi Marketing Solution to solve remaining issues as mentioned above.

WiFi Marketing is the use of WiFi as a medium for marketing and communication between people who is present in a certain area.

WiFi Marketing Solution allows End user can create a campaign about a product or service and then spread this campaign information to consumer’s smartphone, who is using same WiFi network around.

This campaign information can be spread automatically between consumers when they move to other WiFi network.

WiFi Marketing Solution allows to promote campaign information to the right target customers; budget for marketing is very cheap because campaign information can be spread automatically between consumers; customer choose to accept campaign information, so it is no Spamming; finally, WiFi Marketing Solution is innovative solution that can be used for marketing and protect environment because it can be used and replace for traditional leaflets.

WiFi Marketing Solution is breakthrough solution for Digital Marketing industry in the world, and it is expected to bring tremendous efficiencies for small businesses, small dealers, customers and the environment where global public WiFi Hotspot is expected to surge 350% in next four years, by 2015 users around the world will be able to connect to 5.8 million public hotspots.

Imagine you are a salesperson in a large commercial center, and what is more amazing when you only take about 5 to 10 minutes to create a campaign about new product, and then this campaign information can be spread automatically to consumers who is present and using WiFi in that centers.

Imagine you are a customer and nothing is more convenient when you can get discount information, or gift vouchers from the booths around automatically through their phones when you walk to a certain shopping areas.

If you have any inquiries please feel free contact us:
Website: http://www.thinknextco.com
Hotline: +84 (0)1 9992 56789 | +84 (0)909 666 515


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