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A Full Guide For Flashing F/W to UniFi UAP AP

Hello everyone

i just noticed that some members here have problems regarding restoring firmware on Unifi Ap.

so let me share my experience with flashing Unifi with Original F/W .
First of all we will work with simple TFTP program.
you can get it from here http://www.3iii.dk/linux/dd-wrt/tftp2…

• Prepare a computer that will work as TFTP client
• Configure its IP address onto 192.168.1.x/24 subnet (do NOT use
• Prepare your TFTP program server: Password: ubnt and choose your F/W depend on your model from steps below.


• On the controller system, find the firmware.bin for the target AP
• The .bin image for UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-Outdoor is under ‘[UniFi Directory]\dl\firmware\BZ2[version]’ directory
• The .bin image for UAP Pro is under ‘[UniFi Directory]\dl\firmware\U7P[version]’ directory
• Copy this binary file to the prepared computer
• AP should be unplugged
• Prepare a power adapter or a switch, the AP and the TFTP client computer needs to be connected through this
• KEEP Press the reset button THEN plug in the Ethernet cable in the AP
• Wait until the LED lights up, and then off, and then starting blinking the two LEDs in turns (takes about 20 seconds)
• For UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-Outdoor –> [Orange, Green, Off, Orange, Green, Off, (repeating this pattern)…]
• For UAP Pro –> [Blue, White, Off, Blue, White, Off, (repeating this pattern)…]
• This LED pattern means that the AP is running TFTP server now.
• Once it start the previous Led operation press UPGRADE.
• Do NOT unplug the AP while it is quickly alternating the two LED colors. The system is writing the newly received firmware.
• After the AP is finished recovery (a blinking orange or white, depends on AP model), put it back onto the original network.

Tested many times with flashing Unifi UAP-LR in both ways Original Firmware.

Hope it will solve your problems.



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