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[vTigerCRM] Cài đặt vtigerCRM 6.4 installation

vtiger CRM 6.4 – the first installation.
Vtiger CRM 6.4 is installed on a CentOS 6.7.

First, install CentOS 6.7 64-bit.

Select packages Web Server, install mysql-server, php-mysql, php-imap, php-curl, php-xml.

#yum install mysql-server php-mysql.

#yum install php-imap php-curl php-xml.

disable firewall using command setup.

#setup then disable firewall

disable selinux by edit file / etc / selinux / config.

Set SELINUX = disabled

The web server start at boot time.

#chkconfig httpd on

The mysql server start at boot time.

#chkconfig mysqld on

start web server and mysql server

#service httpd start

#service mysqld start

Install vtiger CRM 6.4

download vtigercrm 6.4.0.tar.gz from http://www.vtiger.com/download to keep the / var / www / html.

Extract File

#tar -zxvf vtigercrm6.4.0.tar.gz to directory vtigercrm.

change owner

#chown apache.apache vtigercrm

#chown apache.apache vtigercrm / * -R

Open the web browser from another PC contact vtiger server (in our case, IP =


Come home


Click “I Agree” to accept the license agreement.


Installer will check the various settings to edit the file /etc/php.ini then restart web server.

#service httpd restart

Then click “Recheck”

You can then edit the results in the form below.


Click “Next” to continue.

To the console to create the image database vtigercrm.



Back to Page Enter as shown below

Click “Next” to continue.


Click the “Next” button again to confirm.


Industry Select button and then click “Next”.


Installing wait :).


Select various modules


Successfully installed 🙂




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