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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days – Final Tip & Recap

30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days – Final Tip & Recap

Finally complete – 30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days.  I hope each day the Tips were useful, insightful, and helped AdWords advertisers better manage their AdWords Accounts.


Final Tip – Stay Updated on AdWords


The Final Tip isn’t necessarily the best Tip, but it probably is the most important – Final Tip – Stay Updated on AdWords.  AdWords frequently releases new features, Extensions, Ad Formats, etc.  It is up to all of us as advertisers to stay current with AdWords releases, and to make sure we know all the tools that Google provides us with to manage our AdWords Campaigns.


In fact, during this series, AdWords showed us the Future of AdWords by way of a livestream.  During the announcement, we saw, among other things, enhanced reporting and enhanced mobile targeting.  As Google looks for ways to better serve its searchers and advertisers, it will constantly evolve the AdWords platform.  Below are four quick ways advertisers can stay updated on AdWords.


Visit the YouTube Channel – AdWords YouTube Channel

Follow Google Ads on Google Plus – AdWords Google Plus

Read the AdWords Blog – AdWords Blog

Follow AdWords on Twitter – AdWords Twitter


Below is a quick recap of the Tips from the past 30 days – enjoy!


Recap of AdWords 30 Tips in 30 Days


Tip #1 – See Actual Search Terms
Tip #2 – Write Relevant Ad Copy
Tip #3 – Activate AdWords Ad Extensions
Tip #4 – Track Conversions
Tip #5 – Use Google AdWords Editor
Tip #6 – How to Appear on the First Page
Tip #7 – Activate Google Merchant Center
Tip #8 – Create Separate Campaigns for the Google Search & Display Networks
Tip #9 – All About Negative Keywords
Tip #10 – Optimize your Campaigns
Tip #11 – Evaluate Automatic Placements
Tip #12 – Use the Dimensions Tab
Tip #13 – Link your Google AdWords & Analytics Accounts
Tip #14 – Create Granular, Thematic Ad Groups
Tip #15 – Enable the Google Paid & Organic Search Results Report
Tip #16 – Create Product Listing Ads (PLAs)
Tip #17 – Use Automated Rules
Tip #18 – Use AdWords Labels
Tip #19 – Create and Maintain an Optimization Log
Tip #20 – Test all Match Types
Tip #21 – Optimize PLAs
Tip #22 – QA your AdWords Account
Tip #23 – Use Campaign Experiments
Tip #24 – Find Duplicate Keywords
Tip #25 – Know your Impression Share
Tip #26 – Use AdWords Shared Budgets
Tip #27 – Create a Bid Strategy
Tip #28 – Use Auction Insights
Tip #29 – Use Bid Adjustments
Tip #30 – Use Remarketing


Source: https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/Articles/30-AdWords-Tips-in-30-Days-Final-Tip-amp-Recap/bc-p/352506#

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